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Doctrine of the Party

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The Doctrine of the party "Nur Otan" was submitted for public and inner discussion in August 2013. There were received more than 300 proposals from regional branches, social and political organizations, members of Parliament, members of the creative and scientific intelligentsia, experts, Internet - users.

Document has been substantially amended and adopted at the XV Congress of the Party in October 18, 2013 in view of all suggestions and comments.



"Nur Otan" – people's party. We bear responsibility for the future of the country. From the date of the basis our party consistently realized large-scale reforms in economy and politics with the purpose of improvement of conditions for development of an individual, society and the state.

Under the leadership of Elbasy – the founder of the Party – the nation of Kazakhstan created a safe society and a democratic state with dynamically developing economy. Early realization of essential provisions of "Kazakhstan-2030"  Strategy became the main result of our hard work.

Today the historical task – creation of statehood – had been solved. It is the result of unity and consent, constant hard work, general aspirations and hopes of all citizens of Kazakhstan.

The “Nur Otan” party is the dominating political force consolidating society and providing realization of the State course of Elbasy.

The doctrine of the party defines "Nur Otan" party’s mission in the XXI century and our role in ensuring effective realization of the "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy.

Our mission is to ensure evolutionary development and creation of the democratic, prospering, competitive and socially focused state where each determined, law-abiding and hardworking citizen will benefit himself and the society.

Our main domain – Independence of the country

The fundamental value of our people is Independence. As a result of it all the achievements of Kazakhstan became possible. Independence is the cornerstone.

Having created a strong base of the established state, we will further continue strengthening unity and a consent of our people.

All efforts of the state, society and citizens have to be directed towards strengthening the independence. Safety of the statehood is our duty to our past and future generations to come.

Our idea – prosperity of Kazakhstan

Today necessary conditions for a sustainable development of the state are founded.

For us prosperity is the high rates of the economic growth providing steady improvement of quality of life of all citizens. Therefore our key task is the formation of strong middle class acting as a basis of a firm economy and political stability.

We take responsibility for further prosperity of Kazakhstan.

Our political platform – centrism

Since the first days of Independency Elbasy pursues the strategy of centrism based on stability and unity, social and economic pragmatism, a sustainable development and balance of interests of the majority of population.

Responsibility for future of the people and public dialogue are the key conditions of all our decisions making and actions taking processes.

Our political ideal – Elbasy

The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev is the founder of our party.

We relate finding of Independence and recognition of achievements of Kazakhstan with his name on the international scene.

Elbasy's state course defines the future for our people.

Elbasy has not only designated strategic objectives for Kazakhstan, but has also created conditions for the achievement of those objectives.

His wisdom, humanity, strong will, aspiration for the better future and selfless service to the people will always be an example for us and future generations to come.




Our main value is a humanbeing, his esteem and rights, wellbeing and legitimate interests.

Each citizen since the birth has to have a guaranteed and equal access to the social and other benefits allowing him to be healthy and educated, to work and receive worthy payment, to establish a family and to have his own housing, to provide a secure future for his children.


Freedom of a person is an opportunity for a choice. Realization of the rights and freedom of a person, that are guaranteed by the Constitution, is our main task.

Freedom of one person should not fracture freedom of another individual. Freedom is always interrelated with responsibility.

Rule of law

The law protects the rights and freedom of a man and a citizen, dignity of a person, and his private property.

When facing the Law everyone is equal regardless of the status and origin. Strict abidance of the Constitution and the legislation is the base for an evenhanded society and equal opportunities for all.


Justice is equal opportunities for all.

The state has to create equal conditions for self-realization of citizens. The use of the opportunities presented by the state is a choice and responsibility of the citizens.


The unity of nation and public consent are vital conditions for prosperity of Kazakhstan.

Solidarity is the foundation of unity and consent. Solidarity means mutual trust and mutual responsibility.

Outlines of solidarity are founded in families. It is mutual aid of family members, friends, and neighbors, support of weak by strong, needy by wealthy, sick by healthy and young ones by seniors.

Aspiration for the future

We had always set challenging objectives and accomplished them. Our course towards the future and continuous aspiration to improvement are the major conditions for further prosperity of Kazakhstan.

Therefore search for innovations, work and respect for work of others, conscientious attitude in regards of health and continuous self-development have to become standard of life of every citizen.

Family and Customs

During the era of globalization only those people who value history, culture and native tongue can develop and be successful.

Development of Kazakh language, culture and traditions at preservation of identity of all nationalities is our strategic priority.

Family is the most important institute of preservation of values of our society. In a family the continuity of generations, respect for seniors, care of children, traditions of mutual support, diligence and aspiration to knowledge are formed.

Strengthening of a family and preservation of traditions is the guarantee of development of our statehood. Therefore we have to strengthen a family culture in every possible way.



The state on service of citizens

The role of the state in the development of the society was and remains essential. Thus we need to build up absolutely new nature of relationship between the state and its citizens.

The state and citizens are equal allies with constitutionally consolidated rights and duties.

The state has to be focused on service to legitimate interests of citizens, realization of their rights and independence, their strict abidance by the Constitution and the legislation.

Conscientious civil society

Activism of citizens united by common interests for the solution of challenges is one of the most important conditions of development of the country.

Conscientious civil society is a key factor of a democratic development and efficiency of public administration.

The «Nur Otan» party is an integral part of a civil society. Therefore it is important for us to create environment for development of civil initiatives, extensive discussions between public associations, and strengthening of public control.

We have to bear responsibility for the effective interaction between the state and the civil society.

Nation of independent and responsible citizenry

Responsible citizens compose the strong nation, which is ready to make colossal contribution for the development and prosperity of the country.

We see citizens of our country being free, solidary, law-abiding, respecting traditions and the culture, preserving family values and aimed for the successful future.

Education of youth in the spirit of patriotism will always be the key to success and prosperity of Kazakhstan.



Unity and concord

Our country is recognized by the international community as a role model of peace and harmony, where discussions between various cultures and religious practices respectfully take place.

The unity of people and public consent is a reliable base of successful development of Kazakhstan.

We see our society pluralistic, with a wide range of views and ideas. Unity and consent preservation in the country will depend on further development and efficiency of democratic institutes.

Therefore we have to fully promote strengthening of democratic culture and traditions in our society.

Unique culture and spirituality

The culture and spirituality unite society.

The culture is the major sphere of life which is presented in art, historical heritage, traditions and language.

We support preservation and enhancement of cultural and spiritual wealth that define the uniqueness of our society.

Kazakhstan is an example of an interfaith consent, which is the world center for communication between religious practices. In our secular state the belief and religion is an important source of spirituality, morals and tolerance.

During the era of intensive interpenetration of cultures it is necessary for us to adopt the best ideas from the rest of the world and to keep our own cultural uniqueness.

Strong economy

The economic policy has to be directed towards improvement of quality of life of all citizens.

We support inviolability of private property, fair competition, macroeconomic stability, secure investment environment, balanced development of all regions, diversification of economy, development of infrastructure, stimulation of innovations and export. Such approach creates necessary conditions for realization of enterprise initiative, provides stability and flexibility of economy.

Entrepreneurship is a driving force of economic development, the main conductor of innovations that carries out important social mission on employment, makes a basis of middle class and supports the civil society. Therefore, we fully support the domestic business world.

Mutual responsibility and partnership have to be the most important principles in relations between the state and business world.

Basis of economy of the XXI century are the science and innovations, highly effective, energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

Introduction of ecological thinking is pledge of reasonable use and equitable distribution of natural resources between generations.

Fair social policy

Social policy has to be focused on creation of equal opportunities for realization of potential of each citizen.

All citizens have to have equal access to the social services conforming to high standards of life. It has to be provided through a joint liability of the state, employers and citizens.

Special social help of the state has to be dedicated only to vulnerable segments of the population. The state support has to be focused, first of all, on active involvement of citizens in full-fledged social and economic life.

Intellectual nation

In the modern world a key condition of accelerated economic development is knowledge and innovations.

Innovations and breakthrough technologies are created by educated and professional citizens opened to new ideas and knowledge, who are capable to think critically and creatively, who value their work. Such individuals constitute the basis of intellectual nation.

Development of intellectual potential of the nation depends on system effectiveness of science and education creating incentives and opportunities for improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities throughout the life.

We need to create favorable environment and innovative infrastructure in order to maximize the realization of intellectual potential of our citizens.

Efficient administration of the state

Government bodies have to serve interests of the nation.

We have to provide efficient and excellent service of state for all citizens.

We will further promote development of local government and effective solutions of problems of the population in regions.

To eliminate corruption is a task for all and everyone. Corruption undermines bases of our statehood and democracy. Therefore we will create a system where the conditions for anti-corruption practices will be implemented. Corruption in any of its forms will not be accepted by the nation.

The system of public administration has to be the most transparent and available to public control.

Exposition of Kazakhstan to the world

In the modern world prosperity and safety of the country can be guaranteed only through active and conscientious participation in the being of the international community.

We stand for balanced and diversified foreign politics of Kazakhstan. The main priorities of foreign politics are protection of national interests, strengthening of defense capability and safety.

For our country vital need and pledge of a sustainable development are integration processes. In their basis always there have to be interests of the people and the state.



We declare that we are ready to face the challenges of the XXI century, to take responsibility for development of the country and future of the nation.

The «Nur Otan» party intends further to keep the dominating role in the life of the country.

For the sake of general wellbeing we are ready for discussions, constructive exchanges of ideas and opinions with all parties and associations.

We are sure that firmness and effective realization of the State course of Elbasy will provide worthy life for all of our citizens!

We have to concentrate and direct the potential, creative energy, optimism and knowledge of each citizen for the benefit of our Fatherland!  

"Nur Otan" is the party of the XXI century! "Nur Otan" is the party of the future!