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The 17th meeting of the OECD Network on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

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Paris, May 7, 2015

The 17th meeting of the OECD Network on ECEC was held on 4–7th of May 2015. Delegates from 30 countries, representatives of the European Commission, UNICEF and UNESCO participated in the meeting. Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania were among the OECD partners.

The OECD Network on ECEC was founded in 2007 to assist countries in developing effective policies and practices in the field of ECEC. The Network meets twice a year.

This year meeting is called "Improving the impact of early childhood education and care". According to the Network, despite increases in participation and higher investment by governments in ECEC, there is little data on what ECEC helps children most and under what conditions. The OECD addresses these questions and prepares country reviews on ECEC polices and some other issues in response to requests from countries. In addition, the following surveys are to be conducted:

– Thematic study on transitions from ECEC to primary school (2015/16);

– International comparative study on staff quality and the quality of the learning and well-being environment (2015/19);

– International study on measuring early learning outcomes (2015/16).

JSC "Information-Analytic Center" as the national coordinator of the OECD study on early childhood education and care represented Kazakhstan at the 17th meeting of the OECD Network. Head of Department for Early Education and Childhood Development of the Center, Yeldos Nurlanov, presented information on the Kazakhstani ECEC system and gave proposals on the methodology of the planned studies. At the special meeting with representatives of the Network secretariat the parties reviewed the results of cooperation with Kazakhstan in 2013–2014 and discussed the terms of Kazakhstan's participation in the Network study in the upcoming years.