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The Center for International Higher Education at Boston College published «A Worldwide Inventory of Research Centers, Academic Programs, and Journals and Publications»

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The Head of the Center is Dr. Philip G. Altbach, the leading expert on higher education.

Information-Analytic Center represents Kazakhstan in the worldwide inventory of research centers.

The inventory also includes the graduate programs of Nazarbayev University in higher education within the range of academic programs.

The inventory has been issued since 2006 for the support of researchers, politicians and other stakeholders with relevant information about research centers and programs in the area of higher education.  

The inventory presents 217 research centers from 48 countries. USA dominates by the number of research centers (50), China has 40 and Great Britain 18 research centers.

The inventory took into consideration research centers, involved in higher education research according to the following criteria:

1. Organizations focused on research in the area of higher education, higher education policy analysis;

2. Organizations having at least one experienced professional in higher education;

3. Organizations having a specific budget, can be from different sources.

The inventory authors point out that there are 10K institutions and more than 12K specialists that are involved in research in the field of higher education.