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On 18 July this year, the representatives of Information-analytical center, President Nurgul Shamshievа, Vice President of Eldos Nurlanov, Deputy Director and chief analyst of the Department of preschool and secondary education Gulbarshin Nogaibaeva and Sania Zhumazhanova, took part in the thematic session "Education for sustainable development", held in the pavilion of Switzerland at the EXPO-2017. The session was held within the framework of the Project "Changing the perception" developed at the initiative of the Director-General of the UN office in Geneva jointly with the International organization for standardization (ISO), the Kazakhstan Institute of standardization and certification, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), the University of Geneva (UNIGE), etc..

The headliner of the event was 15-year-old student from Taraz Isaac Mustopulo, who spoke about developing his project "Indigo", aims to introduce tutors for children with cerebral palsy. In his opinion, tutors should be selected from among graduates of pedagogical universities, as their work will be aimed not only at maintenance of special children in school and assisting them in the learning process and socialization. The importance of the project underlines the fact that Isaac himself has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and knows firsthand about the difficulties that occur in front of children with special educational needs. Also during his speech, the student said that this fall is scheduled to meet with his idol, world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

Another participant of the session Ekaterina Perfilieva (Russia) presented the project "Open school of sustainable development" ( offering free online training courses on the concept of sustainable development. According to Catherine, the widespread implementation of sustainable development will help humanity to meet their current needs without compromising the next generations. It is necessary to develop non-formal learning and the introduction of principles of sustainable development into content of subjects.

Coordinator of the UNICEF child rights protection Tatiana Aderikhina presented the UNICEF programme in the field of education, particularly regarding the need for innovative solutions in the field of inclusion and improve the quality of education in the country. In particular, she noted that Kazakhstan joined the Call for action "Education for everyone, now", initiated at the Regional Ministerial conference of 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia "Quality education for all children" (10-13 December 2013, Istanbul, Turkey)..

Also in the session were discussed the issues of climate change, opportunities for higher education to refugees as well as standards for smart cities, including Astana.