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Аn educational workshop-conference with the participation of external expert Jan Herczynski within the framework of OECD study "Effectiveness of Resource Use in Schools" took place at IAC

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The educational workshop-conference on the results of OECD project "Effectiveness of Resource Use in Schools" with the participation of external expert Jan Herczynski was held on the 5-6-th October of the current year. Jan Herczynski has 15 years of experience in education financing, educational policies and educational strategy development and analysis. He participated in financing instrument development in states with transit economies, including Albania, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Kyrgyz Republic, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Members of the Department of Economy and Finance of MES RK, Financial Center JSC, pilot schools principals from Karaganda and project team of IAC JSC participated in the workshop-conference.

Materials were presented and consultations on school education financing, particular on per capita financing and defining the distribution formula for financing resources were given within the framework of the workshop-conference. Moreover, the experience of transit economy states' shift to per capita financing and its value for Kazakhstan were analyzed, also recommendations and mechanisms suggested following the study results were discussed and examined in details.

Materials, presentations on piloting and introducing per capita financing in school system were obtained basing on the results of the workshop-conference.