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Experience and future of innovations in Kazakhstan

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From December 3-11 2015 the mission on the project "Reviews of Innovation Policy" of Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD).  A group of OECD experts including Gernot Hutschenreiter, Philippe Larryu, Manfred Khorvat, Balash Murakoza and Yana Vazyakova participated in international conference "Creating an innovative ecosystem in Kazakhstan: from commercialization of technologies to encouraging of productive innovations" held in  December 10th in Astana.

Heads of authorized ministries and departments of RoK,  foreign and Kazakhstani experts in the field of innovations and commercialization of technologies, workers of the department of analysis of business process management systems of JSC Information Analytic Center of ESM RK participated in the conference.

At the conference OECD experts were introduced new development of Kazakhstani scientists, had a conversation with the President of ICGC Glenn Schweitzer, expert from the  IC2UT6 Institute and CRDF Global consultant  Eric Azoulay, discussed issues on further cooperation and development of innovation and commercialization system in Kazakhstan with experts from World Bank Lisa Kastner, Bob Hodgson, Karen Grigoryan, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Yeraly Beksultanov.

The scientists of Kazakhstan presented 65 new inventions implemented within the Project of MON RoK "Commercialization of technologies" supported by World Bank". As a result of grant program 36 developments were successfully monetized thus far with a total sum of sales of 888 mln tg. Today investments of 66.7 million tenge have been attracted, 72 contracts and 8 license agreements have been signed. Grants were allocated  by sectors "Energy and alternative energy sources", "Machinery", "Science about life", and "Information and communication technologies".