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With the new school year, Kazakhstan students will learn only five days a week. Saturday will be officially recognized as a day off for students.

Kazakhstan schools will go on five-day school week from September 1, but so far, only first-graders will learn. All other classes will already move in 2019. Ministry of Education and Science assured that there would not be additional load on students. However, teachers also have advantages – it is offered to give Saturday on self-study and development.

The establishment of the five-day school week will not influence on quality of education. Subjects will not be reduced, only the school year will extend by one week. The study year will begin on September 1 and end on June 1. Meanwhile, experts see social and even economic implications in the implementation of five-day school week. On the one hand, the strengthening of the family institution: an additional day off - another opportunity is to be a family together. On the other hand, more children will attend the mini centers, yard clubs and communities.

Many developed countries in the world have five-day school week – and this is normal. The USA, Finland, Italy, Norway and now more recently Russia. By the way, the neighboring country shifted slowly to five-day school week. As for Kazakhstan, first graders of 30 schools could feel how it is to rest on Saturday. Five-day school week has been introduced as a pilot project. As assured the officials from the Ministry of Education, this innovation anticipated positively by students and teachers.