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The fourth meeting of the working group on the project "Innovation Policy for Competitiveness in Kazakhstan " was held

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On 29 September, 2015 the fourth meeting of the working group on the project "Innovation Policy for Competitiveness in Kazakhstan " was held. The seminar was held at Rixos on "The commercialization of innovations in Kazakhstan" with the involvement of OECD foreign experts with the support of JSC "Information-Analytical Center. The experts were Jean-Francois Lengelle (Project Manager Eurasia Global Secretariat of the OECD), Wouter Meester (Policy Analyst Competitiveness Programme Global Relations Secretariat of the OECD), Peter Lindholm (consultant in the field of innovation policy of the OECD), Henri Reynaud (Managing Partner, «SARRUT Avocats»), Gilles Le Cocguen (Head of International service and cooperation, «Bpifrance»)." The workshop included the following presentations on:

1) Capacity building: through commercialization and best practices; 
Getting to know the base of the commercialization of innovation and analysis of best practices.

2) Intellectual property: effective enforcement; 
Presentation was dedicated to the effective law enforcement in the field of intellectual property, as well as the analysis of best practices, key institutions and fundamental principles.

3) Commercialization: the practical application and the necessary tools. 
Presentation was dedicated to the practical application of commercialization strategies in innovative industries. «Bpifrance» provides loans, loan guarantees and co-financing for innovative development as well as many other services for business support.

There was the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC "National Center for State scientific and technical expertise," ENU. Gumilev, "Kazakh Agro Technical University. S.Seifullin ", JSC "National Agency for Technological Development" "Center of the transfer and commercialization of agricultural technologies", LLP "Technology Commercialization Center", JSC «Kaznex Invest», RSE "National Institute of intellectual property", NAC at Nazarbayev University, JSC "Institute Economic Research "and others from Kazakhstan side in the last seminar. 
According to participants, the seminar was very fruitful, interesting and constructive. OECD experts expressed their gratitude to JSC "IAC" and all the participants for an open dialogue.