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ICILS 2018 Third Meeting of National Research Coordinators

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5-9 September 2016 JSC "Information - Analytical Center" took part in the third meeting of ICILS-2018 National Research Coordinators, held in Porto, Portuguese Republic.

The purpose of the meeting - finalizing the instruments (test modules, questionnaires for students, teachers, principals, ICT coordinators, national context survey) and field operations for the ICILS 2018 field trial.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the ICILS-2018 participating countries. The meeting was organized by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

ACER presented ICILS-2018 testing software to participants of the meeting. Also, translation and adaptation software (IEA eAssessment Translation System) has been demonstrated.

This meeting is very important in planning for ICILS 2018 as well as for the field trial preparations (translation and adaptation of tools, procedural documents, briefing materials and holding of the sample).