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"Innovation Policy Review" Project Coordinator of "Information-Analytical Center" JSC

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Astana, July 17, 2015 - "Innovation Policy Review" Project Coordinator of "Information-Analytical Center" JSC gathered the experts from key national universities and institutions of commercialization, to jointly discuss the current situation in national science and education as well as development of commercialization institutions in Kazakhstan for preparation of a baseline report for the OECD. On the basis of this report, the OECD representatives, who arrived in Astana for a three-day visit, will prepare a comprehensive analysis of the national innovation system. It will incorporate the system functionality and ways to improve it. We must note that the OECD reviewed innovation policy of China and a number of Latin American countries, the Russian Federation, Sweden and Malaysia before, the next project is Kazakhstan. Until the end of 2015 the Kazakhstani side is to prepare a baseline report for the OECD. The OECD experts should develop a series of recommendations on its basis.


As the representative of the Directorate for Innovation and Technology Gernot Hutschenreiter said, the OECD is a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, as well as best practices. According to him, the willingness to engage in dialogue and openness creates a fresh impression and demonstrates competence, which is very important to assess the overall situation of the country. In addition, Gernot Hutschenreiter informed the participants that the OECD will prepare an additional alternative review for development of Kazakhstan’s commercialization institutions in the framework of the project.


According to the participants of the round table, the development of innovation policy is a key element, and its important part is played by the state, the government and the country's legal framework. During the discussion the parties came to the conclusion that the country's development is achieved through innovation in the modern world. Turning to the discussion of issues and problems, the expert of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise Elena Shevchenko noted the lack of communication and interaction between ministries and agencies, between business and science. According to her, often Kazakhstan’s scientists have no profits from their development because of it.


On the contrary, the expert Murat Sartbayev noted a tendency to improve the quality of national research projects. According to him, it is important to have human resources and evaluate their highly professional work.


Chief specialist of the Institute for commercialization of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University Malik Kokarev outlined institutional barriers that are addressed at the highest level.


The roundtable was attended by experts from Nazarbayev University, National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise, Eurasian National University and Kazakh Agro-Technical University, National Agency for Technological Development, Center for Technology Commercialization, Center for Transfer and Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies, Scientific-Technical Center "Parasat", Joint-stock investment fund of risky investments "Parasat", Kazakh Industry Development Institute, Nazarbayev Center under the Library of the First President - Leader of the Nation, "National Center for Scientific and Technical Information" JSC.


Summing up the preliminary meeting, the vice-president of "Information-Analytical Center" JSC Marat Kamzoldayev offered the meeting participants to sign a memorandum on cooperation for preparation of a baseline report for the OECD. According to him, the project "Innovation Policy Review " is being implemented to tie together the "triple helix" of the state, science / education and business. In addition, he wished that the thoughts of the young scientists would turn into a certain in-demand product.