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JSC “IAC” presented National reports to the pedagogical community of East-Kazakhstan region

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On the 12th of May 2017 JSC “Information-Analytic Center” presented National reports “The results of Kazakhstan in TIMSS-2015” and “The main results of international research PISA-2015” to the pedagogical community of East-Kazakhstan region.

The number of participants of the international research TIMSS-2015 was 602 from 4th and 8th grades, while in PISA-2015 there were 317 fifteen years old participants.

The indexes of the region are presented according to three key components of educational achievements of school kids, which are the level of complexity of the tasks, the content sections of mathematics and natural sciences, the types of educational and cognitive activities.

JSC “IAC” recommends to use the results of participation of the region in the international research on the pedagogical and methodical councils as well as on the school parental meetings.