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National educational database (NED) is a subsystem of SEO designed for automation of such business processes as collection and processing of primary educational statistics.

In NED automated collection of statistics on the levels of education beginning from kindergartens to colleges till 2013 and filled in by hand. Statistics are formed as administrative accounting of the MES of the RK.

Methodical support of the NED system, processing of statistics, accounting of the MES of the RK is carried out by IAC JSC. Employees of the Department of educational statistics annually go to regions and conduct training seminars on NED.

Manager of the Department of educational statistics of IAC JSC Lyazzat Shakirova says: «NED contains data on the educational process, material and technical base, learners and personnel from about 18 300 educational organizations of the Republic, from kindergartens and mini centers to schools and colleges.»

NED has been operating since 2013. Every year amendments are introduced according to international standards and data is corrected in order to provide availability of data entry since beginning from this year work in database is possible in Kazakh. Besides developed instructions on work in the NED for each level of education. From a technical side the positive moment is accounting possible on the regional level of education departments since earlier this function was available only at the oblast level.

In the period from September 10 to October 10, 2015 is a period of data entry by primary organizations in the NED - personnel of the Department of Educational Statistics under IAC JSC conduct workshops in regions of Kazakhstan. The purpose of these workshops is to provide consultations on and to teach how to work in the National Educational Database. As of September 20, 2015 about 5000 educational employees have already been trained on the NED.

Deputy director of the Department of Educational Statistics under IAC JSC Miraim Atanayeva says: «Accurate and objective figures are the right justification of some state and political decisions, accurate financial calculations. Educational statistics enables to signal on time, identify and to compare factor and correlation analysis. In all developed countries educational statistics is well organized that is reflected in leading positions of these countries in education.

The NED is annually updated according to the international requirements. Moreover, the NED includes all levels of education and we strive to enable every child to be considered from his birth till his graduation not distracting teachers from their responsibilities. The NED today is an obligatory condition for literate development».