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The main directions for improving the content of pre-school education in Kazakhstan

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In June 10th 2015 the round table on the theme: "The main directions for improving the content of pre-school education" was held by JSC "Information-Analytical Center" (IAC), under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the EC "Preschool childhood."

The roundtable was attended by Head of the Department of pre-school and secondary education and information technology MES RK Sh.Sultangazieva, vice president of "IAC" M.Kamzoldaev, coordinator of the program on child protection of UNICEF T.Aderihina, and representatives of the regional and Astana, Almaty cities departments of education, pre-school organizations, unions of public and private pre-school institutions, etc.

The round table discussed the projects of the new state-mandatory standards; the Unified model of curriculum of preschool education, the issues of improving public policy in the light of the testing of the UNICEF Index of early child development in Kazakhstan, our country's participation in the OECD study and psycho-pedagogical conditions of implementation of the pre-school education’s updated content.

Roundtable participants highlight the urgent issues of the psychological development of children from 0 to 3–5 years old, the implementation of SES requirements in the working conditions of the experimental platform, the use of gadgets by children and educators.

Director of the Department of pre-school education development "IAC" Y.Nurlanov presented the scientific apparatus of the study “Evaluation of the quality of pre-school institutions’ graduates’ preparation for school”, tabled his hypothesis and the expected results. The participants confirmed the correctness of the approach of researchers and expressed interest in participating in the research project of "IAC".