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Message of the Head of the State

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Saimasayeva Gaukhar Aitzhanovna

President of Publishing House "Almatykitap baspasy"

an honoured worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Message of the Head of the State

Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Leader of the Nation, Nursultan­Abishevich­Nazarbayev, "Nurly shol" is not only a new economic­policy but the support of social sphere. In the Message to the­People of Kazakhstan the President has highlighted: "Our programs of­education,­health care and agriculture development will be ­continued". It is very important for the people of the country, especially for ­rural­families. It is worthy to note that­social infrastructure­ - medical institutions, schools and­preschool organizations will be developed further on.

Over many years in each Message and public address the Head of the State pays great attention to the development of­kindergartens. In the Message "Toward competitive Kazakhstan, ­competitive­ economy, and ­competitive nation" dated March 19, 2004 ­Nursultan Abishevich instructed to "proceed with recovery ­of ­kindergarten system and formation of­preschool­education". During the meeting with­ foreign ­investors and executives of large construction­ companies held in May 2004 in Astana, the President appealed investors: "More municipal kindergartens shall be­built, and businessmen shall be involved in this ­work". On the III congress of ­education and science workers held in ­October 2004, the Head of the State stated that "we must make ­preschool education as affordable as possible, particularly for children from­needy families". In January 2010 The President instructed the ­Government and ­Akims to proceed with implementation of a special program "Balapan" aimed at ­covering children with preschool education. "All children of urban­ and rural areas must be covered with preschool education and care by 2020. We have everything for this:­capabilities, ­huge potential, and ­public and private ­partnership" - remined Nursultan Abishevich.

Through these examples we are sure that the preschool education system has been recovered thanks to care of our ­President­. Approximately 8 thousand preschool organizations are in operation today, which are ­attended by around 70% of preschool children. This estimate is given by foreign ­teacher scientists. One of the world leading experts in this sphere, the President of International ­Association of developmental preschool ­education, Doctor of Psychological Science, Professor Vladimir Kudryavtsev ­emphasizes "They were not afraid to admit in Kazakhstan that preschool education system was destroyed the previous years, and to set a­task to recover it "virtually from scratch". Moreover, at the highest state­ level. This is a good example not only for the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. The relevant­ range of issues is­an object of intense interest of the ­President N.A.Nazarbayev".

In the next Message "Nurly Zhol" the Head of the ­State instructed Akims to reduce deficit of places in ­preschool ­organizations. For this purpose the President gave an order to allocate extra 20 bln. KZT. It means that tens of new kindergartens will be open soon. When local authorities open kindergartens they should look after professional level of ­educators­ and managers who will work in the preschool institutions.

It is time to develop an effective system of selection, professional development, appointment and attestation of workers of kindergarten, especially those that have been opened by the order of the President as the part of "Balapan" program. Teachers can probably be selected using open test and interview, thereby it is possible to define magnitude of their thinking, professional activity and awareness. The present and future of children will depend on those who ­will work with children in kindergartens. Today­ a preschool teacher establishes start-off ­conditions for the development of children, their future successful study at school and formation of ­competitive­ personality. In order to make highly professional educators come to kindergartens we need to change their remuneration system that must be ­comparable to the average salary in the country.

Not only female teachers should be involved into kindergartens but males as well. It will promote the entire development of child's personality. For ­instance, every kindergarten group in Norway should ­necessarily have at least one man among educators (young men constitute 20% of preschool institution staff). Teaching and ­educational process in kindergartens and schools of Sweden requires participation of at least 40% of male ­educators. Otherwise educational ­process will be imperfect to their mind. There are ­huge banners all over Hamburg calling men to join ­educators of preschool organizations. "Do you want to be a judge, ­philosopher, goalkeeper, doctor, musician, magician?" - says the poster text. Below there is an­answer to the question - "Become an educator. You will be who you want any time". Male educators in Japan constitute at least 25% of the staff. Propaganda is ­carried out in China today which is aimed at involvement of men to kindergartens; ­training of male staff has been launched. Foreign male teachers are also recruited to teach English language to children. Male educators in Russia are permanent participants and winners of professional ­competitions - "Educator of ­the year".

Certainly, mass media should ­participate in propaganda of educator's profession. TV series, special articles, feature articles, ­feature  and documentary films are needed in order to characterize value-based, ­initiative and ­responsible attitude of preschool teachers to the ­professional activity, goals and value, process of solution of problems related to early development of a child and its results. Achievements ­of preschool pedagogic dynasties and experience of successful professional ­educators should be propagandized. Well-aimed propaganda should be conducted at high schools, pedagogic universities and colleges to ­attract young men, especially ­youth, into preschool teacher's profession.

Another not insignificant factor for promotion of ­preschool teacher is creation of a Day of Preschool Workers. It is assumed ­that preschool teachers have their professional holiday - Teacher's Day, however the experience shows that kindergarten ­workers turn to be forgotten this day. All attention of society is given to the school; public ­conscience considers secondary school teachers and ­preschool institution educators to be not the same­ profession. The Day of ­Preschool Worker can become some kind of a social ­tribune from where general­public­ including mass ­media will speak of­ problems of ­preschool education and ­kindergartens and difficulties of ­educators' work. It will be wonderful if a decent figure of an ­Educator who plays an important role in formation and development of young generation of our citizens becomes­ the focus of society's interest at least once a year.

The Day of Preschool Workers is ­celebrated­ in Russia as a professional holiday on September 27. Rhe first kindergarten was open in ­Petersburg this day in 1863. Similar holiday can be created in Kazakhstan, for instance, on August 1 since the first Kazakh kindergarten was established in August in Akmolinsk in 1920, or on July 27 on the date of birth of ­Nazipa Segizbaikyzy Kulzhanova (1877-1933), ­one of organizers of preschool education of Kazakhstan, the author of the first Kazakh books devoted to this topic: "Preschool education" (1923) and "Mother and child" (1927).

In turn, we as a Publishing House that produces children, learning and­preschool ­literature will uphold the status of preschool teachers, help kindergartens, educators and parents by issuing new ­interesting books, textbooks and procedures for them. We published around one hundred of ­various teaching ­materials based on the republican programs such as "Alagashky kadam", "Zerek bala", and "Biz mektepke baramyz" for preschool institutions this year. The authors are educators-practicians, kindergarten managers, scientists specialized in preschool education, and other teachers who are our valuable partners, kind advisors and sources of inspiration.

Therefore, particular instructions of the President N.A.Nazarbayev in his Message "Nurly Zhol" related to preschool organizations and schools ­have a multiplier effect stimulating ­publishing houses of Kazakhstan to creative activity. Major part of national publishing ­houses products primarily refers to educational organizations of all ­levels including preschool institutions. Demand for our literature ensures­high level of employment, stability and wellbeing ­of thousands of book industry workers.