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Modernization of Kazakhstan 3.0 - the contribution of education

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In August 17-18, 2017 JSC "Information Analytic Center" (hereinafter referred to as "IAC") participated in the pedagogical August conference "Modernization of Kazakhstan 3.0 - the contribution of education" in Pavlodar region (Pavlodar city). The results of participation of Kazakhstani school students in TIMSS-2015 and PISA-2015 were discussed with the teachers of the region in 3 sections.

The first section. The participants of the section (80 people) are representatives of the Education Department, local school principals, including Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Pavlodar. IAC presented the results of TIMSS-2015 and PISA-2015 of Pavlodar region in comparison with the other regions. Performance indicators in all study fields (mathematical, reading and natural science literacy) were presented. Heads of educational organizations also received a full analysis of the results in the context of the language of instruction and school location.

Second section. Participants of the meeting (106 people) are teachers of mathematics and physics. Representatives of the pedagogical collectives of the region got acquainted with the indicators of schoolchildren on such key components as the fulfillment of tasks of different complexity level, content sections of mathematics and natural sciences, and types of educational and cognitive activities. Practical work was done to discuss test tasks of TIMSS-2015.

The third section. Primary teachers (100 people) took part in this section. The more detailed results of primary school pupils of Pavlodar region are presented during the section. The discussion of particular test tasks of the international study TIMSS-2015, which came out of the confidentiality regime, took place.

The IAC prepared and provided for the pedagogical purposes the "Compilation of TIMSS test tasks for the 4th and 8th grade students" for all participants of the conference.

The main results of Kazakhstan's participation in the international studies are published in the National Reports "Results of Kazakhstan in TIMSS-2015" and "Main results of the international study PISA-2015".