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More than 18,000 organizations of preschool, secondary, technical and vocational education are registered in “National Education Database” information system (NED).

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More than 18,000 organizations of preschool education and training, general secondary education, technical and vocational education are registered in the information system National education database (NEDB).

Input of statistical data on indicators of education for 2015-2016 academic year as of September 5th 2015 of the Department of Education 16 regions completed in October 10 th this year. There is 100% quality completing of NEDB by the Department of Education of Akmola region.

Practical consultancy support by the specialists of IAC was provided at the places. The workers of the Department of Education Statistics worked with primary educational organizations, district/city branches and departments of education.

The outcomes were reviewed in October 20th at the meeting of the Statistics and summary analysis Committee of the MES of RoK with participation of JSC National information technologies (operator of NEDB), Department of Educatin of Astana, Karagandy and South Kazakhstan regions and Centers of information technologies of Almaty, Akmola and Pavlodar regions.

A constructive discussion took place about further improving of NEDB in part of enhancing its technical functioning and smooth operation during the input of statistical data by trespondents. Regions also made proposals on the delimitation of terms for filling NEDB by respondents on educational levels, as well as on clarifying the methodology of some statistical data.

Currently NIT JSC and IAC began work on the aggregation of statistical data at the national level. Statistical book on each level of education will be available to all stakeholders in November this year.