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On November 11, 2016, JSC ‘Information-Analytical Centre’ held a round table on the results of three large-scale sociological surveys under the "Monitoring of popoulation’s satisfaction with the quality of education and science" project

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Education - is, above all, a social order. This is why the Ministry of Education initiated a series of sociological surveys as an effective means of getting feedback from the general public. The surveys covered all regions of Kazakhstan and more than 5,500 respondents.

The results show an increase in the population’s interest in the ongoing initiatives in the sphere of education and science. Television remains the most popular source of information compared to the official web pages of the Ministry of Education and Science and local educational authorities.

Рopulation and experts gave the lowest rating to the work of local executive bodies on the distribution of seats in pre-school organizations, and the work of the Ministry in the proper development of normative and legal acts.

72% of population are satisfied with the state policy on free provision of the first vocational profession from 2017. According to the respondents, this will ensure the socialization of the young people (69%), reduce the level of unemployment in the country (66%) and increase the prestige of craft professions (62%).

Given on the basis of questionnaires and in-depth interviews with key respondents, conclusions and recommendations of the round table should be taken into account during the development of program documents in the sphere of education and science.

The round table united structural units and subordinate organizations of MoES RK, as well as the representatives of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" and the Office for education of Astana.