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OECD DAY, 11 July 2017

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On July 11, Representatives of JSC Information Analytical Center (hereinafter - IAC) - President Nurgul Shamshiyeva, Vice-President Yeldos Nurlanov, Director of the Department for International Comparative Researches Yerlikzhan Sabyruly, Deputy Director and Chief Analyst of the Department of Higher and Professional Education Dana Abdrasheva and Aida Akhmetzhanova – participated in the event dedicated to the OECD Day at the EXPO-2017 site. Among the guests were government representatives, OECD experts and other interested stakeholders.

During the discussions, the topics relevant to Kazakhstan and Central Asia were raised, such as measures of accelerating economic growth, ways of stimulating and financing environmentally oriented growth, innovation development, improvement of education, and enhancement of personnel skills for an environmentally oriented economy.

As a part of the thematic session, devoted to the development of scientific activities and innovations for the diversification of the economy of Kazakhstan, Gernot Hutschenreiter, Head of Innovation Policy Reviews of the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, noted the need to build research capacity in line with the needs of national development, activate innovative development of enterprises and optimize governance by scientific activities.

Cooperation with OECD is a strategic priority for Kazakhstan under conditions of entering to the top thirty developed countries of the world. According to Madina Abylkasymova, Vice Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in January 2015 Kazakhstan signed a separate Country Cooperation Program with the OECD. Under this program, it is envisaged to conduct 13 reviews in various areas of the country’s development to assess compliance with OECD standards and principles. Particularly, in education sector, higher education policy review was prepared, the presentation of which was held on March 15. IAC was the national coordinator of that review.

An important step in expanding cooperation between Kazakhstan and OECD is the unprecedented decision of the OECD to hold in October 2017 OECD Eurasia Week in Almaty. High-ranking governments of Eurasia and OECD countries, employees of international partner organizations, as well as representatives of the scientific community, business and the public will take part in the OECD Eurasian Week. The event is intended to strengthen cooperation between the countries of Eurasia and OECD.