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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will prepare a review of higher education in Kazakhstan within the framework of Country program of cooperation. 

It is worth noting that similar programs that allow to implement the OECD standards have been developed for four countries of the world that are non-members of the Organization. And this list includes Kazakhstan. This bilateral cooperation of Kazakhstan and OECD will enhance the country's competitiveness in public administration, education, health, employment, fiscal policy and improve the business climate. 

It will be recalled that this is a repeated OECD review of our higher education system. For the first time such work was carried out in 2007. This time, the representatives of OECD will appreciate the achievements, as well as offer alternative ways to solve the issues of educational policy of the country. A recent OECD analysis of secondary education in Kazakhstan (2013) and the analysis of post-secondary vocational education and training will become the review basis. They will provide valuable information for the further development of higher education system of the RK. As a part of the project, the OECD experts are going to visit Kazakhstan. During the field research they will conduct interviews with key stakeholders (public authorities at the central and local levels, rectors, faculty members, students, researchers, civil society, business and social partners, and others). The expert group will visit a variety of regional higher education institutions. 

As the Prime Minister of the RK, Karim Massimov, noted, the memorandum on the Country Program implementation is a strategically important stage of bilateral cooperation. He confirms the desire of Kazakhstan to implement best practices in the OECD countries to achieve a long-term goal of entering the number of 30 most developed countries of the world in 2050.

In general, the program provides for the implementation of reforms and the implementation of major projects in key areas of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan. The country program will give Kazakhstan an opportunity to join a number of OECD declarations and recommendations and participate in the work of its structural subdivisions.