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Online seminar on trilingual education

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Astana, August 20, 2015 – The online seminar “Trilingual Education as a Factor of Intellectual Nation's Development» dedicated to the year of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan and the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in JSC “IAC”.

Seminar participants – representatives of the state administration authorities, Kazakhstan and foreign experts.

During the seminar, participants shared their views about promoting and ensuring trilingual education in Kazakhstan.

In opening remarks, Vice-President of JSC “IAC” Marat Kamzoldayev reported that language skills determine a man’s success. Marat Kamzoldayev said, “It is significant to pay special attention to the English language. English proficiency has a strong impact on a country’s economic development.”

Professor of Amsterdam University Lazclo Maracz reported about multilingual policy in Europe. “Multilingualism can contribute to linguistic injustice,” he said.

Nurbek Shayakhmetov, Head of scientific-expert council at RSI “Kogamdyk Kelisim” under the President of RK, emphasized that cultural and linguistic diversity is a significant factor for our country’s development.

Deputy Head of A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics Anar Fazylzhanova emphasized on the problem of the Kazakh language development. The expert pointed out that students’ scientific conscience should be formed in the country’s official language.

The Chairman of Uyghur schools association, director of A. Rozybakiyev school-gymnasium №153 Shavkat Umarov demonstrated successful experience of implementing multilingual education at his school according to the results of UNT.

An expert from L.Gumilyev ENU Mainura Buribayeva focused on ethnic and cultural unities that have a strong influence on trilingual education development.

Actuality and practical value of the seminar lies in the open dialogue created between the experts.