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Project research team visited the European Training Foundation in the framework of Torino Process in Turin (Italy)

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The project team of the Department for Technical and Vocational Education Development visited the European Training Foundation (ETF) headquarter on October 5-9. The Information-Analytic Center for the first time will conduct a study on the Torino Process independently in 2016. Therefore, all the necessary information and consultations were obtained during the visit. This included several issues such as the organization of data collection and analysis, consultations with stakeholders, preparation of the national report and others.

The European practice of reform implementation for candidate countries (Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro) to the EU and its evaluation were also discussed at the meeting. The ETF experts demonstrated effective analytical tools used in reforms’ monitoring and evaluation process.

The perspectives of the project "Education and business study in Kazakhstan" were considered as well. This project is now being implemented with the support of the Information-Analytic Center jointly.