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Seminar-trainings on use of PISA Data Explorer and IEA IDB Analyzer, and PISA Item Response Theory (IRT) software

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JSC «Information-Analytic Center» took part in the trainings on the PISA-2015 data analysis conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS, USA) in Princeton (United States, New Jersey) from 18 to 22 July 2016.

Representatives of the PISA-2015 participating countries attended trainings. During seminar were reviewed design of the assessment and explained Item Response Theory (IRT).

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the PISA-2015 from previous cycles is that the average scores (Plausible Values) calculated 10 times. Before resources allowed calculating those data only 5 times.

At the end of the seminar were shown examples of using IEA IDB Analyzer software and web applications PISA Data Explorer, as well as programs for application of IRT Multidimensional Discrete Latent Trait Models (MDLTM), Direct Estimation Software Interactive (DESI).