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The third TALIS Governing Board meeting

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The third TALIS Governing Board meeting and the third meeting of OECD TALIS National Project Managers and Data Managers were held on 6-13 July 2017 in Lisbon. Experts from OECD, Study Consortium, European Commission and UNESCO, as well as representatives from over 40 countries (including Kazakhstan) participated in the meeting. Kazakhstan was represented by the Head Analyst and Manager of the Department for Pre-school and Secondary Education, Dilyara Tashibayeva and Kuanysh Sailau.

The goal of the meetings is to analyze the Field Trial results and to prepare for the Main Survey.

Field Trial analysis and software to conduct the Main survey were presented during the meetings. Changes to the TALIS-2018 questionnaires were introduced. In addition, OECD experts presented the first draft of the TALIS-2018 Initial Report, and announced the opportunity to participate in such surveys as TALIS Video Study, teacher well-being and initial teacher preparation studies.

Consortium invited 10 participating states (including Kazakhstan) to share with their Field Trial experience. TALIS National Project Manager Dilyara Tashibayeva presented the Field Trial experience in Kazakhstan, as well as plans for Main Survey implementation.

Participation in these meetings is key to ensure high quality of TALIS-2018 administration in Kazakhstan.

TALIS results will allow to obtain reliable and internationally comparable data about teachers and identify new priorities in creating highly efficient cohort of Kazakhstani teachers.