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Torino Process 2016 is starting in Kazakhstan

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The first meeting on Torino Process 2016 was held at Information Analytic Center (IAC) on 25th February 2016.

Analytical Framework 2016 was presented at the meeting to the main stakeholders such as Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Healthcare of Social Development, Accreditation Agencies, Colleges’ Association and Colleges in Astana city (Polytechnic  college, Professional – Technical college, Construction college, College of Service and  Catering, ‘TURAN’ college and etc).

For country report development the IAC, national operator of the project, has proposed to use a new approach of the data collection. IAC experts will organize the consultations with working group members and colleges around the country. This approach will allow to perform the overall trends of TVET development in Kazakhstan.

It is expected that the Torino Process will become the main platform on TVET issues discussion.