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Venture investment in Canada: experience and development trends

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January, 19, 2016 the OECD project team represented by Wouter Meester, Miguel Castro and Thierry McMahon, as well as invited external OECD expert, John Marshall, met with the leadership of JSC "NATD". John Marshall shared his experience in the development, principles and role of the state in venture funding in Canada. In particular, he noted that in Canada, as in Kazakhstan, the state participates in the creation of venture funds. Developed market for risk capital is a key component of the innovation economy. Venture capital is a major driving force in the creation of advanced innovative companies of next generation and, as a result, of high-quality and high-paying jobs. After the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 the activity level of venture investors in Ontario was a record low, bringing the province out of the twenty North American territories, leading in terms of investment per capita. There was appeared a number of successful enterprises of global significance with the help of venture capital in Ontario such as BlackBerry, OpenText, Desire2Learn and Shopify.
In conclusion, the sides thanked each other for open and interesting dialogue.