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Working meeting on research within the frame of the Torino Process

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On 29 September in the Information-Analytic Center was held the working meeting on research within the frame of the Torino Process. In the work took part representatives of state authorities, NEC “Atameken”, NCJSC "Holding "Kasipkor", JSC “Republican Scientific and Methodological Center of Technical and Vocational Education Development and Qualification Assignment”, Colleges association, Kazakhstani independent accreditation agencies and Astana colleges.

On the meeting the IAC project group presented results of cross-country report of the Torino Process 2014. This review is carried out in European countries and partner-countries of the European Training Foundation (ETF). Based on the results of research ETF supports participants in the development of VET policy. Kazakhstan joined the Torino process in 2010.

To the meeting participants particularly was presented ETF findings on low level of TVET financing in Central Asian region, interaction between education and business-sector, misbalance of demand and supply in the labor market and low attractiveness of TVET among youth.

On the meeting was discussed European countries experience in attracting stakeholders in the personnel training and development of policy on program directions (development of standards, educational programs and qualifications, raising qualification of teachers and masters, accreditation).

As a result, participants suggested creating a working group for conducting the Torino Process in Kazakhstan in 2016.