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Alima Ibrasheva

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Alima Ibrasheva, Head of the Department for Higher and Vocational Education.

She has a practical experience of work in higher education system for many years as a teacher and head of organizational units.   

Graduated from Dzhambul Pedagogical Institute, Department of Philology. Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor and specialized in the field of comparative literature.

She defended her thesis on “Oriental prose of Moris Simashko: material and fiction, narrative manner” at Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Owns 28 scientific publications and teaching guide. Accredited as an expert in scientific and scientific-technical areas. She was awarded the Minister of Education and Science Certificate of Merit (2006), the medal "Ybyrai Altynsarin" (2016).

Previously worked at Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulati and Taraz State Pedagogical Institute.

She coordinated projects in the field of higher education - "Improving the strategic management in higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Review of the leading higher education systems", "International experience of creation and development of world-class universities: general trends and risk analysis", "Assessment and analysis of educational reforms" and "Analysis and monitoring of the implementation of the autonomy of universities". Within a group of scientists of Nazarbayev University she worked on the project "Coordination of academic programs of secondary and higher education taking into account international experience" (2011).

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