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Yelizaveta Korotkikh

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Yelizaveta Korotkikh, Chief Analyst of the Department for preschool education. 

She is a graduate of the Nazarbayev University with a degree in “ Educational leadership” (2014), and holds a major in specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages” from Semey State Pedagogical Institute . She was also studying in Hungary the basics of communication and mass media e. Her Master thesis was written on the issues of pre-service teacher training in Kazakhstan. She also got training in monitoring and evaluation of educational reforms in London and Washington.

Yelizaveta worked on the OECD study on early childhood education and care, Conceptual framework for early childhood education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014). She is responsible for the preparation of the international news in education sector for the weekly digest (from 2014).

Her field of work is coordination of the  projects, development of recommendations and proposals aimed at improving of the  preschool education system in Kazakhstan.

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