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Zhannat Musina

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Zhannat Mussina, M.A., Deputy Director of the Department for Secondary Education development of JSC "Information-Analytic Center". 

Graduated from the Philological Faculty of M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan University (2010) and the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg, Germany (2013). Graduate of Bolashak international program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Theme of master’s thesis: "Modellierung des sozioökonomischen Status in der internationalen Schulleistungsforschung" / "Modelling of socio-economic status in school performance research".

She worked in the American Cultural Center under the Regional Children and Youth Library SI; project Hamet-2 under the Arbeit und Lernen Detmold GmbH; pedagogy faculty in the University of Hamburg.

She completed in-service training courses on "Monitoring and evaluation in education" held in London (RIPA International, London, UK) and "Advanced course on monitoring and evaluation" (GRM International, Washington DC, USA). Accredited as a subject of scientific and technical activities.

Participated in work on OECD and IAC JSC projects: "Review of the national education policy: Secondary education in Kazakhstan" and "Resource efficiency in schools", "Evaluation of parents' impact on the formation of functional literacy of school children".

Areas of research interest: school education quality, school performance research, school education policy, socio-economic factors in education, inequality of educational opportunities.

Internship at the Institute for International and Intercultural Comparative Education at the University of Hamburg (2012). Attended training in management (Almaty, 2010, Karaganda, 2009), online learning (Hamburg, 2012), leadership (Hamburg, 2012), monitoring and evaluation (London, Washington, DC 2014). Accredited as a subject of scientific and scientific-technical activities.

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