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The goal and objectives of the party

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The goal of the party is to build an economically strong, democratic, secular, legal and social state with a developed civil society, modern and competitive political system by methods of political work.

The objectives of the party are:

  • preparation, support and promotion of political leaders, members of the party to the state authorities and local self-government;
  • explanation and promotion of the policy and statutory objectives of the party among the population, provision of information on its activities;
  • participation in national referenda in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • representation of the interests of the party, its members, citizens and various social groups in the government agencies and local self-government;
  • participation in social, economic and political reforms in accordance with the party program, formation of a national standard of the quality of life;
  • support of small and medium-sized enterprises and farms;
  • contribution to strengthening of inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony and social stability;
  • participation in national discussion of draft laws, study of public opinion and development of proposals on draft laws and other normative legal acts, as well as development of draft regulations for submission to the representative and executive authorities, their implementation through deputy associations;
  • contribution to establishment and institutional strengthening of youth organizations, provision of support and assistance to them;
  • contribution to the integration of young people into the social, economic and other spheres of society and the state; 
  • recommendation of party members to the state awards in the established order;
  • moral encouragement of party members;
  • promotion of intolerance to corruption, implementation of public control over the activities of the authorities.