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Assessment and analysis of educational reforms

In December 7th the State Programme of Education Development for 2011-2020 (hereinafter - State programme) was approved by the Edict of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 


  • 10 directions;
  • 23 target indicators;
  • 58 indexes;
  • 193 activities in the Activities plan by 2015.

Under the framework of the project "Evaluation and analysis of educational reforms" following activities are carried out:


  • Semi-annual, annual monitoring of the State Programme:

- Identifying the risks and causes of non-fulfillment of target indicators, indexes and activities of the State Programme.

  • Comprehensive assessment of the State programme for 5 years:

- Analysis of the level of challenges and problem solving addressed by the State programme, and the impact of its implementation on the social and economic development of the country;

- Analysis of the external impact of environment on progress of the State Programme implementation;

- Analysis of inter-institutional cooperation and coordination between public agencies involved in the implementation of the State Programme;

- Conclusions and proposals for adjustment of the State programme.

  • Social study "Satisfaction of beneficiaries of the State programme":




Geography of the study: 14 regions of Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty

Sampling size: 2970 - population; 30 - experts


  • Field studies in the regions of Kazakhstan:

    - identification of problems in implementation of key issues of educational reforms: early development, introduction of 12-year education, per capita funding, dual training,  development of the autonomy of universities, etc .;

    - advisory support for Departments of Education and universities in the issues of  SPED implementation and methodological aspects of the calculation of indicators and indexes of the education system.

  • Review of global trends in the education system:

- Analysis of global trends in education and preparation of recommendations package for the correction of educational policies in accordance with international experience.


Department of monitoring of Program documents

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Департамент мониторинга программных документов

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