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Department of Education Analytics, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Department for Education Analytics, Monitoring and Evaluation (hereinafter – DEAME) aims to study and analyze foreign and national experience of preschool, secondary, vocational and technical, higher and postgraduate education.  DEAME implements mutual projects with international organizations, e.g. OECD,   World Bank, UNICEF, ETF, etc. These projects initiated Kazakhstan's participation in the Education Policy Committee as a participant.
The projects findings resulted in concrete recommendations and mechanisms for Kazakhstani education system development and found recognition in the State Program for Education and Science Development 2016-2019, Strategic Plan of the MoES 2017-2021 and other program documents in education.  
DEAME analysts annually prepare the National Report on Kazakhstani Education System State and Development providing transparency of acting education policy in civil society. Moreover, DEAME provides analytical support of education reforms implemented by the MoES; participates in national and international seminars, forums, research and practical workshops, projects in education development and compiles digest of world education news.