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On July 2, 2015 OECD project team working on «Increase of Kazakhstan's competitiveness through innovation policy»  and «Innovation policy review» presented a presentation under consideration of IAC JSC staff on «National innovation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

The presentation enlightens basic components of the NIS of the RK and the basic model widely recognized around the world and our differences.  Besides it illustrated peculiarities and problematic issues of the NIS of the RK operation and possible ways of their solution.

As a whole, this presentation is the first step to understanding of the national peculiarities of the innovation system to develop actions how to  update it under the project jointly with the OECD and to include recommendations on the strategic innovation development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the future it is planned to compile a baseline report on innovation policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to direct it to the OECD as a foundation for accounting within the state program called «Innovation policy review».