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The OECD experts completed their mission to Kazakhstan

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During November 4-8, 2019, four OECD experts (Richard Li, Nóra Révai, Caitlyn Guthrie, Charlotte Mayard) visited Kazakhstan. The purpose of the visit is to collect qualitative data from key stakeholders in education.

In the IAC, OECD experts met with representatives of structural units and subordinate organisations of the MoES RK (CCES, NTC, Altynsarin NAE, Orleu), Center of Excellence of NIS, Center of Pedagogical Measurements of NIS as well as with representatives of international organisations (the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF). In addition, the OECD experts visited Education Department of Nur-Sultan city and Education Department of Tselinograd district.

Focus group discussions took place within the meetings. During this visit, the OECD experts also had meetings with representatives of the MoES RK, including the Minister of Education and Science, IQAA, and a group of researchers from Nazarbayev University.

Meetings were held with key education stakeholders to better understand how assessment is conducted in secondary (primary, lower secondary, upper secondary) education institutions in Kazakhstan.

As a result of the mission, the OECD will prepare the Review on Evaluation and Assessment. The review will provide Kazakhstan with policy recommendations to strengthen its evaluation and assessment system and help raise students’ learning outcomes. The review will focus on four key areas of evaluation within the school system (student assessment, teacher appraisal, school evaluation and system evaluation).