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The published results of the international study PIRLS-2016

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December 5, 2017 International Association for the evaluation of educational achievement IEA has officially announced the results of an international study assessing the quality of reading and text comprehension of students of 4th grade PIRLS-2016.

PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) was conducted in 2001 every 5 years by the International Association for the evaluation of educational achievement (IEA) for the students of 4th grade. This period is considered a critical period in the development of their reading skills. By this time, students must master reading so that in the main school to use the texts for the successful continuation of education.

The study involved 50 countries. Leads the final table of the PIRLS – Russia with a score of 581 points. The top five also includes Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Finland.

The first time our country took part in PIRLS. The average score of Kazakhstan students totaled 536 points. This allowed Kazakhstan to occupy the 27th place among 50 countries. This result compares with their peers from Germany, Canada, Austria and the Slovak Republic.

Higher results of Kazakhstan's fourth graders showed when working with informational texts than literary (544 points and 527 respectively).

In the study of Kazakhstan presented 4925 fourth-grade students from 172 schools. In addition, a questionnaire survey was attended by parents of fourth-grade students, teachers of 4 classes and principals.