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National Education Database

NEDB is a subsystem of ELS (e-learning system) designed for automation of such business processes as collection and processing of primary educational statistics.

NEDB automated the process of data collection for administrative reports, which before was filled manually and collected in chain: "education institution - education department - education authority - MES RK".


  • collection of departmental statistics from primary sources (educational organizations) in auto mode;
  • storage and processing of data;
  • formation of administrative reporting;
  • provision of structural divisions of the MES RK with needed statistical data


  • PROVIDES full accounting of students;
  • IDENTIFIES false information of respondents by avoiding duplication;
  • SIMPLIFIES the procedure for filling the passports of educational organizations;
  • FORMS historical series of statistical data;
  • ALLOWS to generate ad hoc reports.

In Kazakhstan, the collection of departmental education statistics in "National Education Database" (NED) information system was first performed in 2013.

At this stage, ensuring the compliance of national statistics indicators with international education is being discussed. To improve the quality of statistics collection and the system development the following is planned:

- support of NED by one administrator;

- amendments to the regulations and instructions;

- training of primary organizations specialists to fill NED;

- provision of advisory support in statistical information collection to the regions;

- bringing data according to international statistics, in accordance with ISCED;

- preparation of reports of administrative data for the Committee on Statistics of NEM of RK and filling in UNESCO annual questionnaires.

Final result: improved performance in international rankings; provision of quality departmental educational statistics on demands by regions, departments and structural subdivisions of MES RK; dissemination of statistical data on the development of the education system through the publication of the National Collection "Statistics of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

  1. "Statistics of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan" National Collection 2012-2013
  2. "Statistics of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan" National Collection 2013-2014;
  3. "Statistics of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan" National Collection 2014-2015;
  4. "Main indicators of preschool, general secondary, technical and vocational education" 2015-2016.