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Teaching and Learning International Survey


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( conducts TALIS every five years since 2008.

The aim of the survey is to present timely and objective comparative data that will allow the participating countries to identify policies for efficiency of school processes.

TALIS surveys teachers of lower secondary education and the principals of the schools in which they work. International Consortium together with the expert group develop the survey questionnaires. Each questionnaire takes about 60 minutes to complete and will be completed online. However, some countries offer the possibility of using a paper version of the questionnaires.

The questionnaires will allow to study teacher’s work. During the survey administration teachers will offer information about professional development, teaching in general, feedback they receive, school climate, job satisfaction and teaching in diverse environments.

The survey does not evaluate the success of individual schools, teachers or principals. The data collected during the survey will serve to evaluate educational systems in general, without referring to any particular respondents.

Kazakhstan will conduct the survey in April-May 2018. More than 6 000 teachers from 333 schools will be sampled to participate in the survey.

46 countries will participate in TALIS-2018. OECD will publish the survey results in June 2019.

Participation of our country in this unparalleled survey will allow teachers to provide input for education analysis and policy development in Kazakhstan and will promote the school education quality.

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