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TIMSS (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study)
International research of the quality of education in math and natural sciences 

2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Trends in Mathematics and Science Study among the students of 4th and 8th grades. During the six cycles of the Study 80 educational systems had a chance to participate in the global monitoring of education quality.

Choosing the students of 4th and 8th grades was not a coincidence. Since the study takes place once every four years, this allows for an efficient monitoring of mathematics and science education in school.

Kazakhstan’s participation in TIMSS provides an opportunity to have independent, impartial evaluation and useful information in adopting carefully considered policies on the renewal of curriculum.

International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA, is a coordinator of the study.

Kazakhstan has already participated in three cycles of TIMSS.

425 000 students from 45 countries participated in TIMSS-2007, including 3,990 fourth graders from 141 schools of Kazakhstan. On average students scored 549 in math and 533 in science (out of 1,000 on an international scale).

600 000 students from 63 countries participated in TIMSS-2011. Among the participants were 8,775 students from 154 schools of Kazakhstan, including 4,385 fourth graders and 4,390 eighth graders. On average, Kazakhstani students scored 501 in math and 495 in science, while eighth graders scored 487 in math and 490 in science (out of 1,000 on an international scale).

9,579 students from 179 schools (including 4710 fourth graders and 4869 eight graders) of Kazakhstan participated in TIMSS-2015. On average, fourth graders scored 544 in math and 550 in science, while eighth graders scored 528 and 533 respectively.

IAC published National Reports on performance of Kazakhstani students in TIMSS (

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