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The round table for negotiating new scale project of the World Bank on education modernization

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The joint project of the World Bank and the Ministry of Education and Science of RoK "Development and Modernization of Education System for Human Capital Development" was initiated at the beginning of the year and is currently under consideration.

This project is aimed at support of the implementation of priority directions of the State Education and Science Development Programme of RoK for 2016-2020. The major aim is to enhance education quality and equity in education based on international experience.

The project is intended to involve the following reforms: introduction of 12-year education, modernization of pedagogical education, improvement of assessment system, development of small staffing schools, pilot of per capita financing in schools, etc. The project duration is 5 years.

The representatives of structural subdivisions of the MES RoK, the National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin, AEO "Nazarbayev University", AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", the National Testing Center, the Finance Center, the Information and Analytical Center and the Astana Department of Education and Schools were participated in project negotiating.

The team of the World Bank thanked all participants of negotiation for and open dialogue. Following the results of the round table it was decided to hold additional meetings for more detailed negotiation of the project.